About us

Veteran owned and operated

DH Insulation and Home Performance LLC is veteran owned and operated and serves central, southern, and coastal Maine.

Our mission

Our mission is to save homeowners money on heating cost, keep them warmer and more comfortable in the winter, and to help lower the carbon footprint for the environment.


When looking at your home we determine what the highest ROI or return on investment is on your home. Based off of the data we get from our tests, and observations made in our walkthrough, we will make suggestions to help you save the most money on heating and cooling costs while saving the most money.

Certified Building Analyst 

DH Insulation and Home Performance is a certified Building Analyst by the Building Performance Institute. This means we are certified to know how a home is supposed to perform. It also means we are certified to be able to fix your problems with the latest building science principles in mind!

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