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Properly installed insulation reduces heating and cooling costs by slowing heat flow through your home

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Energy Audits

When doing energy audits with DH Insulation and Home Performance we can diagnose locations of air & heat loss



Encapsulation refers to the process of sealing crawl spaces to reduce humidity and prevent leaks. So what does it involve?


Air Sealing

Weatherization rebates through Efficiency Maine are an excellent opportunity for Maine homeowners. These rebates go toward the cost of your home improvement projects so you pay less for the same services.

The rebates are now 40%-80% of project costs up to $8600. $4000-$8000 for insulation and $500-$600 for air sealing energy audit.

Rebates are tiered and based on income Low ($8600), Moderate ($6600) and any income ($4500). Read More ..

About us

DH Insulation and Home Performance

DH Insulation and Home Performance is veteran owned and operated and serves central, southern, and coastal Maine.

Our mission

Our mission is to save homeowners money on heating cost, keep them warmer and more comfortable in the winter, and to help lower the carbon footprint for the environment.

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home insolation Maine
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